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New Website: View Available Spaces for Machu Picchu Sold in Aguas Calientes Town (Machu Picchu)

The Decentralized Directorate of Cusco has recently introduced a new informative website. This portal is designed for visitors who wish to explore Machu Picchu but have not yet obtained their entry tickets. Through this platform, they can check the availability of spaces for the current day only; it is not possible to view availability for other days. Please note that this platform is purely informative and does not support reservations.


It’s important to emphasize that the total of 1000 spaces is divided into 5 circuits (250 each):

Llacta Machu Picchu  (200 spaces)
Circuit 4 + Huayna Picchu (100 spaces)
Machu Picchu Mountain + Circuit 3 (300 spaces)
Circuit 4 + Huchuy Picchu (100 spaces)
Circuit 1 or 2 + Inca Bridge (300 spaces)

Furthermore, it’s necessary to mention that ticket purchases will be conducted in person, which means interested individuals must queue up in person. It’s also important to go a day prior, as the ticket office operates from 15:00 to 22:00.


This web platform is also accessible through your mobile phone, for which they have provided a QR code. This will enable you to conveniently view it on your mobile device.


Do you want to visit Machu Picchu? Find available dates at::

Machu Picchu

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