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We are a Peruvian company based out of Cusco and we offer different tour packages including classic, adventure, and rural community tours as well as are operators for the Inca Trail. Our company works only in ways that are socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable and we are always searching for meaning behind the activities we provide whether that be showing customs and traditions or strengthening the cultural identity of the towns and communities that partake or are involved in our tour packages. The packages we provide in Cusco look to integrate tourists in culturally rich programs where they can also be environmentally responsible travelers. Amongst the activities we provide we also have rural community tours. These tours have proven to be successful experiences due to the large interest in the projects the travelers show because of the contact and interaction they have on these trips with the living culture of Andean communities. For this reason we won the United Nations’ with our project “Sales Outlets for Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs”.

Bralú, Boris y Lisbeth.


To be recognized in Peru and internationally as a Travel Agency that specializes in Rural Community Tourism in 2020 by providing high quality experiences using international standards, tours that provide optimal levels of satisfaction, cultural value to the visitors’ experience and by bettering the socioeconomic wellbeing of the Rural Community Tourism associations of Peru.


To develop and provide high value touristic experiences conjoined with intercultural sustainability by integrating the entrepreneurs from Rural Community Tourism and other local companies that promote the commerce and diffusion of sustainable touristic activities in order to increment their perceived value by customers and consumers therefore generating competition and the socioeconomic wellbeing of the community.


One will learn the value of each special place visited and will have the opportunity to explore and partake in each journey as a moment in time that will never be forgotten. Hopefully we will generate a positive addiction to learning about new and interesting places and meeting people from all walks of life. For this, we hold the philosophy that each tour will be an adventure. For example, we will be using all types of transportation to move us from one journey to another, traveling on anything that moves (with safety!), starting with our own two feet. We will stay in family homes and small hostels where we will feel like we are not too far from our own homes, while at the same time trying new local products and cuisine.

We also believe that traveling not only serves to familiarize one with new places and people, but that it can also open the mind and make us more tolerable and respectful with ourselves towards others and vice versa. It gives us moments of reflection and will make us grow to become individuals who are conscious of our existence on this planet, and will remind us that we are solely one part of the some 30 million species living here.