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Direct Flights Between Cusco and Santiago de Chile Resume, Boosting Tourism in the Region

Cusco, octuber 04.- LATAM Airlines announces the resumption of direct flights between Cusco and Santiago de Chile starting on October 5th. This new air connection strengthens tourism and integration between both countries, especially benefiting those passionate about the Incan culture who wish to visit the majestic Machu Picchu.

Manuel van Oordt, CEO of LATAM, highlights the significance of this route not only for Cusco but also for the southern part of South America, Oceania, and Australia. “We are optimistic about how Cusco is beginning to rejuvenate its tourism,” he stated, emphasizing hopes that soon we will reach and exceed pre-pandemic numbers.

Joex Travel, a renowned travel agency in the region, looks forward to these flights with high expectations, as they strengthen ties with our Chilean neighbors and provide a new gateway for international visitors.

Despite the challenges posed by social unrest, Cusco is on a path to recovering its tourism sector. Van Oordt stated, “From Chile, not only Chilean travelers are connected, but also those from Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, and Australia.”

Initially offering three weekly flights, they expect to transport about 3,500 passengers monthly. Additionally, the introduction of direct flights from London to Lima starting in December will boost the arrival of European tourists, particularly the British, who can savor the cultural richness of Cusco. Furthermore, there are plans to initiate direct flights from Atlanta, USA, promising to further increase the influx of tourists to the region.

From Cusco Airport, Alejandro Velasco Astete underscores the excitement over the increase in tourism, “as well as the frequencies with Europe, the United States, and countries from South America, Oceania, and Asia-Pacific.”

Van Oordt concluded his remarks with a call to join efforts to continue boosting tourism, “encouraging travelers to discover the magic of Cusco and all of Peru.”


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