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Journey Experience – Joex Travel Participates in the Inca Trail Cleanup Organized by Sernanp

Ollantaytambo, January 10, 2024 – In an exemplary display of commitment to heritage and nature conservation, Journey Experience – Joex Travel, along with other renowned travel agencies, took part in the Inca Trail cleanup campaign yesterday. This event, organized by the National Service of Natural Protected Areas by the State (Sernanp), enjoyed the enthusiastic participation of::

  • AB Expeditions
  • Action Perú Trek
  • Adventure heart Peru SRL
  • Alpaca Expeditions EIRL
  • Andean Spiritual Path E.I.R.Ltda
  • Aventure Peru Tours Operatur SAC
  • Ecoandes Adventures SRL
  • Incas Journey
  • Inversiones Inca Trail Reservations
  • Inversiones Unitours SAC
  • Journey Experience SAC
  • Karavaniers Peru EIRL.
  • Killa Expeditions
  • Machupicchu Reservations S.A.C.
  • Peru Grand Travel Group SAC
  • Perú travelco tours
  • Top Perú Trips SAC
  • Trekperu – Inversiones TP
  • Wayki Trek (Coordinador)

With great enthusiasm and joy, participants woke up at 2 a.m., boarded a bus bound for Ollantaytambo, and took a train to Qoriwayrachina. From there, they began a walk of more than 20 km, dedicating themselves to cleaning the famous trail.

“It was a spectacular day, full of camaraderie and joint effort to preserve one of the most important historical paths in our country,” commented a volunteer from Journey Experience – Joex Travel. The sun made its presence felt, providing warmth, which added an additional challenge to the noble task.

At the end of the day, the general feeling was one of satisfaction and happiness, knowing that they contributed to leaving the Inca Trail in better conditions for the enjoyment of future generations and visitors from around the world.

Journey Experience – Joex Travel and the other participants demonstrate with actions their commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental conservation, values that are essential in today’s tourism industry.

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