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At Joex Travel, we are acutely aware of the importance of protecting our environment and acting in a responsible and sustainable manner. With this commitment in mind, we’ve established our environmental policy based on the following points:

Legal Commitment: Always act in accordance with the environmental management laws and standards in each region where we operate.

Impact Minimization: Strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and services, always opting for more sustainable alternatives.

Waste Reduction: Minimize waste generation and promote reusability and recycling practices. Specifically, during our hikes and services, we use 100% biodegradable products, from containers to bags, reaffirming our commitment to the planet.

Education and Training: Train and raise awareness among our team about environmental practices and the importance of adopting sustainable habits.

Promotion of Ecological Activities: Encourage activities that positively impact the environment, such as clean-ups during hikes and collaborative projects with communities to conserve and protect our rich biodiversity.

Collaboration with Communities: We work hand in hand with Andean communities, supporting initiatives to clean and preserve our beautiful landscapes.

We invite all our clients, collaborators, and partners to support and be part of our policy and actions for the environment. Together, we can make a difference and leave a positive legacy for future generations.