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Cusco, September 21, 2023.-

With the confirmation of the implementation of the Choquequirao Cable Car Project, tourism agencies in Cusco, the tourist epicenter of Peru, are in a state of anticipation and excited foresight. This project promises to significantly energize the regional and national economic activity, benefiting multiple sectors connected to tourism.

Joex Travel, one of the most recognized tourism agencies in Cusco, expressed their enthusiasm and optimism for the realization of this innovative project. “We are thrilled that this project can materialize in a short time. The implementation of the cable car will not only facilitate access to Choquequirao but will also enhance tourism and, therefore, boost the local and national economy,” commented Bralú Santos  representative from Joex Travel.

Tourism agencies, collectively, hope that this project develops smoothly and that all the necessary facilities are provided for its early conclusion. The completion of this monumental work is seen as a significant step forward for tourism in Peru, and the involved actors are eager to see the positive impact it will have on the region.

Projection and Benefits

The Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSIÓN) estimates that, with the completion of this project, it will encourage the arrival of more than 1.2 million tourists per year to the Archaeological Park, compared to the current 8,000 visitors. This increase in tourist influx will result in high demand for related services, benefiting hotels, restaurants, and, of course, tourism agencies like Joex Travel.

A Promising Future

The revitalization and modernization of the public tourist services of the Choquequirao Archaeological Park align with the ongoing commitment to improve the tourist experience in Peru. Joex Travel, along with other tourism agencies in Cusco, is ready to adapt and leverage the new opportunities that will arise from this project. The expectation is high, and the tourism sector in Cusco is prepared and hopeful about the future possibilities that the Choquequirao Cable Car will offer.

About Joex Travel

Joex Travel is a tourism agency based in Cusco, Peru, committed to providing high-quality and personalized tourism experiences, allowing visitors to explore the cultural and natural richness of the region. The agency values sustainability and social responsibility, striving to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in Peru.




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