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La Paz – City tour

The beautiful city of La Paz is located in the valley of Choqueyapu. With an height of 3660m, it is considered  the highest seat of government in the world  and has together with El Alto a population of more than two million inhabitants.

La Paz’s guardian is Illimani, a majestic mountain whose height is 6439 m and is a part of the Andean Cordillera mountain range. The streets of La Paz are known for their steepness. This city has as one of its highlights the proud Chola Paceña, representing the unique beauty of the Andean women.

The City tour will be for about 3 ½ hours. It will start in the Moonvalley,which is  located in the south of the city. Once we arrived in the moon valley, we will go for a 30 minute walk, afterwards we will go to Miraflores where we visit the archaeological Plaza and the Hernnado Siles Stadium. Continuing with this city tour we visit the Killi Killi lookout where we see the majestic Illimani mountain and the urban landscape of the city.

Afterwards  we will visit the Old Town of the city admiring the Plaza “Pedro Domingo Murillo” where we find the seat of government, the Metropolitan Cathedral and Legislative Palace. Our last stops will be a visit of the museums in Jaen Street and the Witches’ Market and finally the handicrafts market where we will finish the City Tour.

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