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Qorikancha – The Temple of the Sun

Another amazing side you will find in Cusco is Qorikancha («Qori» means gold ; «Kancha» means an enclosed space, bounded by walls which combined can be translated into «place that has gold»). Qorikancha was the most important temple in the Inca Empire. The entrance fee is 15 Sol for adults and 10 Sol for students and children.

Qorikancha is  only about a five minute walk from the Cathedral in Cusco. Here you will learn about the Inca style in Architecture which is incredible to me. You will see the different techniques which were used to build those «earthquakesecure» how they call it walls. There are three different techniques they used instead of cement : the female ; male technique, the lego technique or the one where they used gold and silver rings to connect the rocks. It´s incredible to see how precisely and accurate they worked, no rock looks the same. It remained me speechless to see this. After that you will continue the tour outside into the Solar Garden, where you will have an amazing view over Cusco. Your tour guide will give you about 20 minutes to explore this wonderful garden and to take pictures. The gardens were a great reservoir of offerings of all subject nations and Confederate brought to the Sun God, the offerings consisted of representations of flora and fauna. Also you will find the beautiful cantua flower there, which is typical for Peru and you can take incredible pictures from here with the beautiful mountain landscape of Cusco in the background.

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