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Tambomachay – The Bath of the Inca

Around 7,5 km northeastern of Cusco at an altitude of 3700 meter you will find  an amazing legacy from the Incas it is called Tambomachay and means bad of the Inca, when you translate it. The architecture of this Inca bath consists of a group of structures built with precisely cut stones. Water from nearby streams runs through the site in aqueducts and small cascades. Tambomachay was linked to the veneration of water, an important element in the Andean world view. For that reason, it has two aqueducts with artistic engravings in the rock that transport and supply a constant flow of clean water all year round. Tambomachay, which means “place of rest,” leads experts to believe the Inca came to this bath to rest.

Today Tambomachay is one of the best hiking routes close to Cusco, due to it’s fascinating natural scenery. Usually when you participate in a Cusco city tour you will visit Tambomachay right after Qengo it is a 20 minute drive from there. But you can also take a cab from Cusco  by yourself to get there. It is super easy to find cabs in Cusco and the price is also reasonable, you can always bargain for a fair price with the drivers.

Once you reached Tambomachay, the bus, if you take a tour or the cab will drop you off a couple meters before. So you have to walk maybe like 5 minutes to get to the water sanctuary. Don’t forget to enter the side you need a boleto turistico. Tambomachay is a ruin build in a rock, with different terraces, which conducts the water with the help of small slots to man-made springs.

Our tourguide told us that according to an old Quechua legend, if you drink from the watercourse on the right you will bear twins or remain forever young and beautfiul. You will be blessed if you drink from the watercourse above.

Across the water sanctuary are many, small intertwined paths to the top of the mountain. Along the hills you will enjoy magnificent views across the entire area.

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