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Carnival Cusqueño

The carnival begins two weeks before its main day, a Thursday to be more exact, to this date is known as “Compadres Day”, here women celebrate their compadres, feasting them with food and mocking them (keeping the respect is clear), with dolls made of cartons and dressed in old clothes, which highlight some peculiar characteristics, these dolls are then hung in places of great competition for the delight of passers-by. Similarly the next Thursday in the “Comadres Day”, it is up to the men, who perform the same activities.

This feast is celebrated between February and March, for almost a month people live a colorful environment surrounded by dances, talc, serpentines and especially much water.

In the central day, the main celebration takes place in the Plaza de Armas of the city of Cusco, where various public and private institutions come to dance, with the rhythm of dances such as the Cusco carnival, gang and others surrounded by local people, as well as visitors enjoy this festivity.

Well we can not leave aside the gastronomy, on this date the dish that reigns at the tables is the exquisite boiled or Puchero made from meat of lamb, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, peaches, moraya, rice, corn and leaf cabbage; also the delicious mashed of beans accompanied by zetas (a typical fungus of the serranía of our Peru) is elaborated. But all this would not be perfect if it is not accompanied with the delicious frutillada, drink elaborates with chicha de jora, strawberry and cinnamon.

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